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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
A rain forest or most any other forest for that matter has very poor soil, just the top few inches are where the nutrients are.
The plants feed off of there own dead fallen leaves and animal droppings.
The tree provides a home for critters and they repay it with fertilizer.
My observations on the tundra the best looking plants and flowers were always growing around caribou dung.
Every year they and the birds would arrive to graze, have babies and fertilize the soil.
Many people dont make that very important connection.
I’ve noticed the same in poor soils in horse pasture. I’ve purchased pastures that had nothing but weeds. After doing nothing but spreading horse manure the Bermuda takes off but it always tends to grow better in the “roughs” where the horses like to poop. That’s one reason I harrow my pasture to spread the piles every so often.
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