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June 25th, 2019

Harvested the perpetual spinach and made some Quiche type things. The round ones were onion, garlic, spinach, egg and cheese then I made a few in the square pan and did a buffalo chicken and a ranch chicken.

Trimmed the neighbors yew plant and used the trimmings for mulch, The neighbor wanted to cut it down and I said I would take care of it, I love the idea of free readily available mulch with minimal effort! Also trimmed my Juniper bush, more mulch.

I finally got around to making my Mini Raised bed for in front of the playhouse, the weeding was getting to be too much to deal with, I used some red oak salvaged from an old pallet and planted a few Nasturtiums with the Okra.

The pond plants all seem to be doing well.

The rain has finally let up long enough for me to stain the deck, I needed a minimum of 3-1/2 days without rain. I got that in just under the wire!

Stained 2/3rds of the deck Sunday morning then after it was dry enough to walk on I moved the grill, table and chairs on the stained part and had the girls finish the deck.
I had Laura help me a few hours in the morning.

Everything seems to be growing well, the peppers finally started showing some serious growth. A few of my stunted eggplants started showing some serious growth as well. I have a few ripe tomatoes on my Abe Lincoln and the Kosovo tomatoes are starting to blush.
I'm still seeing Aphids but they seem to be under control so no spray as of yet.

The cilantro that has flowered has been bringing in a ton of pollinators. My parsley seeds have finally emerged, I just couldn't justify buying a parsley plant from the Big Box Store.

My asparagus has come back to life and overtook my pepper plants. I am still battling ants everywhere, mainly around the house. I think the mouse battle is over, I think the last count was around 30.

Tossed on 20 pounds of Pork Butt for my brother and of course we had to sample it.

It was a very productive weekend!

And as usual, my little buddies are there to greet me when I get home.
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