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July 3rd, 2019

The garden is coming along nicely. Tomatoes are exceptional this year, extremely productive and I haven't had one tomato split this year... fingers crossed!

I have been trying to get out to the garden every day or other day to pick tomatoes. I have a critter that likes them vine ripened, so I try to get them a tad early. The ones that are nibbled are removed and placed in the bed so hopefully whatever is eating the tomatoes will find the half eaten ones more appetizing, so far so good.

I have been giving a lot of the tomatoes away this year but will probably be making salsa and canning later in the season.

Some of the pepper plants have picked up but a few are still struggling.

We had our first eggplant (Rosa Bianca) dinner the other day.

All the herbs, chives, bunching onions and the rest of the plants I forget to take pictures of are all doing well.
Most of the flowers are doing well with the exception of a few.

The fruit trees are all healthy and have put on a lot of new growth. Started seeing some Okra flowers in the front hugelkultur bed.

To my amazement the asparagus has been putting out a lot of new shoots, I'll leave them be and see what happens next year.

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