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Thanks for a wonderful day filled with fine company, good tastings and fun music. As usual Lee, Craig and all the others involved with putting on TomatoPalooza each year did a terrific job. Even Lee’s directions were good. A great big thanks to Fred and Jimmy for their hospitality.

While I tend to agree with Craig that this year's tomatoes didn't taste as good as in previous years, I did manage to eat several White Bread, Mayo and Tomato sandwiches.8) Several people mentioned they thought last year's NC drought may have been a factor in this year's poor taste. It would be interesting to know how many of the fruit at T'Palooza were grown from last year's seed.

Several of the Dwarfs hold great promise. My favorites were in the Purple/Black area. But that’s what I’m partial to in ‘regular’ tomatoes as well. A special thanks to Patrina and Craig for co-coordinating the Dwarf project and to all those who have grown them. I’m looking forward to sampling more of them in the future.
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