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Folks, I had a WONDERFUL time at Tomatopalooza meeting people and chatting about the Dwarf Project. After the hot and humid days leading up to the event, it was a welcome relief from the heat to be in such beautiful surroundings and under some shady trees with a nice breeze to keep us cool! It was fantastic to meet people who I've previously interacted with over the internet, and how fascinating to match faces to identities... it really was a great privilege to be able to attend, and kudos to Lee and Craig for their organisation. Efland is a fantastic place to have Tomatopalooza, how lucky to be there!

I didn't take many pics, just individual pics of the dwarf tomatoes, because once the event was underway I just didn't get back to my camera! Thankfully I got someone to take a couple pics with my camera early. Here's a pic of Craig and me, and another of us standing by the table of tomatoes of the Dwarf Project.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

I want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to Craig for taking me in at short notice when I curtailed my time in Europe a little early and just arrived on his doorstep very exhausted! I rested and recovered in such a relaxed environment - Sue and Craig's place is really a haven of both comfort and delights. He has the most wonderful environment there to enjoy nature, the garden, birds and bees, play with the gorgeous chocolate labs... I just soaked it all in for 9 awesome days! It was such a pleasure to meet Sue and the girls too - I LOVE this family!!

Wonderful to meet Lee (who I got to know a little because we had several meetings during that week), Jeff (who stayed at Craig's for the weekend and we had good chats), Greg, Jerry, Celticman (whose real name I have temporarily forgotten), Paul, and spouses, plus other new folks - forgive me if I've left out names, I remember all your faces!! I was hoping to see a few other folks there too, but sadly for whatever reason they didn't make it this time.

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