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JRinPA, here's just how I prepare each grow bag that will have tomatoes or peppers grown in them. First I fill the bag with 3" of potting mix I press the mix down firmly then I saturate the potting mix til water begins to leak through. Then I fill the bag til it about 2/3 full with dry potting mix now I add 1-1/2 cups of garden lime not barn lime that'a way to strong, now I add 2TBS of Epsom salts, 2TBS Bone meal and 1TBS of calcium nitrate. Now mix all the ingredients well in the dry potting mix section you just added. Now fill the bag almost to the top if you did it right that that should be about 7" of a potting mix buffer from the mix that you just added amendments to, now plant your tomato or pepper. Remember if its a tomato plant it deep so it will add more roots. Now the final step around the inside edge of the bag carefully add 1-1/2 cups of 10-10-10 fertilizer by keeping it tight to the edges you insure it wont come in direct contact with your plant, now cover the fertilizer with a thin layer of potting mix... Your done now set your planted bag in a tray or kiddie pool, if you use a kiddie pool you need to carefully drill holes 2" from the bottom so it will never have too much water, if you use trays like I use you don't need to drill holes. This method has worked great for me, after a month I do add a fertilizer that's water soluble every 2 or 3 weeks I mix my 15-30-15 1TBS per gallon of water and then put 1quart in each tray when I fill my trays with water... Good luck!!

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