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I got my catalog yesterday as well.

And yesterday I got an e-mail from Glenn about this and that and he said that all the catalogs were mailed on Tuesday the 2nd. So for bulk mailing I think it's pretty darn good that so many of us got them so quickly.

Bluelytes, as you can see, their catalog is not a fancy one, and thus they can't use different ink colors or add big letters to new varieties to indicate what's new for that year.

Once you have your catalog you can read thru and then next year see which varieties are new. But as Glenn says, he rotates varieties based on the variables he discusses in that catalog and at the website, so new for a given year doesn't necessarily mean that it's the first time it's being offered to the public.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Glenn had added so much variety info for so many of the corn and squash and bean, etc varieties. And yes, even some of the tomato varieties.

But it's yours truly who let him down again, as I wrote above, in terms of helping out with some of the tomato varieties b'c he simply doesn't have time to do so and tomatoes are not his faves, as he also clearly states. Maybe I can start working on it this summer while recuperating from the new right hip.

I'd add just basic info b'c what I think of a variety is not what someone else might think. But I laugh long and hard when Glenn says, don't grow this sweet potato variety b'c it cooks up mushy, or don't grow this one b'c the roots are so small.

Honesty is the best policy and sometime methinks he carries it to the extreme, which I love to see rather than every variety being praised to the skies which is what one so often sees at various seed sources.

So last night I finished reading thru all the non=bird entries and I'll do the birds today.

No, I have no intention of getting any heirloom birdies but I love to read about them.

The other thing that I'd call folks attention to is how many varieties Glenn himelf has developed.

And there are many varieties that he's had to work with for several years to get them 'cleaned up" genetically and I thank him for those efforts as well.

How he and Linda manage to get done what they do get done makes me feel tired just thinking about it, especially since Glenn has a full time job teaching HS science.
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