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Default Aeroponics trial #3

This thread is a follow-up to my two previous threads about aeroponics. I've made some improvements and I've got some step-by step details with photos. Also, I've resolved to follow this thread with photos so I can show the plants from germination to installation in the garden.

Two things I need to explain:

1.) I'm not a scientist, botanist, nor have I studied in any technical background. (maybe a mad scientist)

Mostly, I'm just a human being who always had rotten luck at starting seeds using the conventional methods. I've grown frustrated with grow lights that wouldn't keep my plants warm enough, or heat mats that were too warm, and all the variables in between. I first became interested in aeroponics because of the hype and high price tag of the AeroGarden and other devices out there. It looked interesting, but I just couldn't get beyond the proprietary supplies that were required for some of these machines. The only things that insulted me more were the really expensive kits being sold at the hydroponic retailers that were nothing more than plastic 5 gallon pails with an aquarium pump, airstone, and sprinkler components. I started pricing some of these components and realized it would be a small gamble for me to piece some of these items together and just try it.

2.) Technically, my device isn't "true aeroponics" because I allow the roots to grow long enough to reach the water/nutrient mixture. A device that is "true aeroponics" keeps the root mass separate from the water reservoir, as it allows the the roots to be misted and aerated and then the excess moisture runs off. I guess my contraption is somewhere between "aeroponics" and "deep water culture".

Anyway, here come the photos.
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