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The basic supplies:

air stone, aquarium pump (not shown), ultrasonic mister(, 2" net pots (from hydroponic retailers), plastic "cheapo" wine glasses, hydroponic fertilizer, rolled gauze, and a rectangular storage tub. Just about any size tub will do, as long as it's deep. I wouldn't recommend a 5 gallon pail, however, because it's so small that the roots zone might be kept too warm.

Firstly, the container needs to be prepped for the net pots. I used a hole saw attachment for my drill to make it easy, though I did it free-handed so it's not perfect. I used a permanent marker to draw a grid over each column / row of holes for keeping record of what I'm planting: numbered on one size, lettered on the other. I also drilled 2 small holes for the air tubing and one for the power cord to the mister.
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