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Next, I set up the air stone and ultrasonic mister inside the tub with the tubes running through the holes. I mix the fertilizer according to the label, and attach the lid to the tub. My fertilizer of choice is the Flora Nova line from General Hydroponics. It's pH buffered, which means less maintenance regarding water quality issues.

Plug in the aquarium pump and the mister and it's time for the for the net pots.

I just cut a small square of gauze to cover the bottom of each pot. Then, I add one seed per pot and cover each pot with the plastic wine glass. I keep the unit under my T-8 grow lights, on a timer.

I know it seems futile to just use one seed per pot, but my germination has been so good and so quick that even if I have a bad seed, I find that I still have time to remove it and start fresh with a new seed. I'll post again with more photos as soon as I get germination. It should be in 3 or 4 days
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