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Thanks Jerry!

Word of caution: I've had mixed results with lettuce. Do you grow loose-leaf Mesclun types, or Cos / Romaine types? You might want to experiment with the quantity of seeds per net pot.

For Cos/Romaine types, I'd plan on one per cell. Try 2 or 3 seeds and then keep the healthiest looking one to grow out. I pluck them out early if I detect anything that doesn't want to thrive.

For Mesclun / loose leaf types, you can grow 3 or 4 in a net pot, but you'll have a little more maintenance involved. Because the piece of gauze will remain in the bottom of the pot, you might need to occasionally run a weak peroxide solution in case you develop a problem with algae.

I never have the algae problem with Romaine because the neoprene collar that fits around the base of the plant keeps the light out.

Another possibility for loose leaf type is to just grow them like the Romaine- one per pot.

I wish I had more info to offer regarding lettuce, but mostly I've done tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, squash. This is still experimental to me.
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