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Default Lathe Hack and old school tool use.

I am going to dedicate this tread to the contraptions I am making for the Shopsmith wood lathe and my other metal lathe as I get around to it.
I dont have every piece of fancy equipment in the world so sometimes I have to do it the old way and hand fit things.
I also have to dream up ways to do things.
No doubt many others have done the same.

We are going to start out boring several 4 inch pieces of pipe to serve as skids on the round ways of the Shopsmith.
These skids will be the base for the stuff that gets mounted to them.
The stuff that gets mounted to them will serve to make it all rigid.
I got the idea from looking at an old 1930's Yates American wood lathe done in the fashion of Art Deco.
I want to keep the style of the lathe looking nice not some homemade looking pile of junk.
Who ever had it before me and was using it were using hose clamps for the same thing I am making.
They ended up in the trash pile.
So we will start by looking down the bore of the head stock of the metal lathe at the boring operation involved.

Then to the close quarters it takes to do this stuff while it is spinning.

Next is the set up to index two lines on both sides of a circle very accurately.
It isn't the only way but a very good way to do it.

Then I have a thread cutting tool turned sideways to scribe the lines by moving the hand wheel of the carriage.
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