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Next is the reason for the lines on the tubes.

First I am still using my old 30 some odd year old carbide scribe and square to complete the lines from one end to the other.

Then you sea a bevel filed onto the edge of the tube, this will greatly help getting the hacksaw started.
Go slow at first.

The use of the hacksaw following the line.
Take it slow and about every ten strokes pull the saw and clean it off with an oily rag.
The oil is a pain but I just replaced a blade I have been using for 10 years because I use the oil.
This will make life easy on you for sure as the saw will want to hang up if you dont.
Always use both hands when using the saw one on the handle and the other up front.
Use a vise to hold the work.

Here is the tube cut with the hacksaw it is nice and straight from one end to the other.
Pipe is under stress when you cut it through it will spring open.
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