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I have eight of these little monster halves to make and I am down to my last one.
Here is the next step.
Here they are cut in half.

Next is after using the file, always stop and clean your file before you feel a rough drag.
That rough drag is metal fillings caught in the file and casing a nasty finish.
DO NOT oil the file.

Here is how I am sizing them to fit the tubular ways on the lathe.
You just squeeze the half with the larger mandrill I made.
Keep testing until it fits.
If you go too big just squeeze it back some.

Here are the two halves fitting the tubular ways and how they will work.

I have some hand sanding and polishing to get rid of any high spots so they glide smoothly on the ways.
But not much.
Next I have some cutting. drilling, threading, welding and so on to do.

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