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Originally Posted by Nematode View Post
Old school, lookin good.
You have more patience and skill than me, thats for sure.
Thank you, the skill is brought on by necessity and reading old books on how to use hand tools.
Not to get on a rant but I am sick and tired of experts saying things are a so called LOST ART.
Or these same experts on TV trying to duplicate what they did many years ago.
The other one is people saying they dont have the tools to do it or it is too much work.
What is too much work?
My Neighbor said this to me one day and I said you are retired what else do you have to do, sit in the house and stagnate.
Here is something to think about.
Every machine on this planet is the descendant of men and hand tools.
I remember a time when every man knew how to sharpen and balance a lawn mower blade.
They knew how to sharpen a saw blade too.
Now they dont seen to have the skill or the time.

Originally Posted by loulac View Post
I'm glad to jump on that train as soon as it arrives in the station.
I know I'm limited by my lack of mastery of technical US vocabulary and working only from pictures but I'll venture two questions :

- Why not using the parts I show in the close up ? making the parts sliding vertically and horizontally would be fairly easy.

- I would never have had the energy to use a handsaw, I would have used a thin disk on a grinder following a guide along the pipe. The gap would have been wider for welding but the job could be done.

Of course I'll regularly read the posts as soon as they are published.
Lulac your English vocabulary is much better than my French.
Here is an answer to your questions and explanations.
The part in the picture on the left is a horrid pile of junk someone made.
Parts of that part are in use as something else and I will show you what one is later.

The part on the right in the pictuer is where the old saw and tool post used to sit.
For me to do what I want to do I would have to modify that old cast iron part.
I dont want to do this as it would destroy the integrity of the old part.
It would be like drilling a hole in a Ming Vase to make a flower pot.
What I can do with it is make it do something else to use on the lathe.
I can mount my rotary table to it for one and a grinder too.
All way to complicated to try and explain without pictures but I will try.
This lathe will be set up under my other drill press and with an attachment to the big cast iron slide.
I will be able to move parts on the X and Y axis under the drill press.
I will also be able to horizontal drill at the same time.
Or I can set materials up between the tail stock and head stock use the rotary table and drill in the Z axis by indexing.

Now for the collars I made.
They will not be welded back together.
They will remain split.
The top half of the collar will slide along the ways and the bottom half will be made to drop down or clamp on the bottom of the ways.
Just like on a metal lathe with its tail stock or steady rest.

The use of a cut off wheel to split the tubes.
Yes I have one.
I didn't want to use it because my vise is set up in the garage next to my lathe.
My grinder is outside where it belongs away from my lathe.
Plus I wanted to demonstrate that you can make very accurate cuts with a hand held saw and you dont need special electric tools.

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