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Loulac I have a question.

The lathe I have has a gear box and change gears in the back for metric threading.

I want to cut 2 treads per inch but the lath only goes down to 4 threads per inch.

The gear set in the back is on the top 40 tooth and the button 40 tooth.
The center gear makes no difference all it does is drive the bottom gear from the power fed from the top gear.

If I were to put a 20 tooth per inch gear on the top drive gear this would turn the bottom gear at 1/2 the speed as normal.
By doing this if I set the gear box at 4 teeth per inch would I not be cutting 2 thread per inch?
I dont have a 20 tooth per inch gear my smallest is 26 teeth for cutting metric threads.

Here is a pictuer of what I am talking about.

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