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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Loulac I was totally wrong the 20 tooth gear would have to go on the bottom not the top to make the lead screw turn faster.
This might tear the gears up due to too much stress?
You’re right, the smaller gear should be at the source of the drive (near the motor). I must say you’re stalling me, cutting two threads per inch is quite unusual !

I’ve often heard of machinists losing a gear in the chips but never of breaking some cogs with too much resistance. For safety sake you can play it safe and make lighter passes. Cogs break when you change gears before the lathe is entirely stopped, but you know it.

I’ve never made gears myself, I was lucky enough to have a professional next to my home who was always happy to help at very reasonable prices. If you really insist on 2 threads per inch you can have a gear made, show the professional the 26 tooth gear so that he’ll know where to go, but is it really worth the expense ?
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