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Originally Posted by dmforcier View Post
Beans? Beans in chili is what comes from allowing yankees to come down here and live.

I find that if you're careful not to inhale the dust, it's easier to seed the chilies while they're still dry.

In my chili, I cube a little smaller, then don't cube again. After cooking, the meat is covered with a bottle of Guiness (or whatever you have). The malt in the beer really seems to bring the beef flavor forward.

Haven't tried making it with the dried pepper base, and I have a batch of them slumbering away in the pantry. May be time to wake them up.

Thanks for the recipe.
I was at the store yesterday saw a can of "chile beans" thought back to this post and started laughing! . People looked at me like I was cray cray.Jimbo
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