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Originally Posted by nancyruhl View Post
For what is worth, I grow Malabar spinach, which isn't spinach but has a similar flavor. It is a vine and you get a continuous harvest. The youngest leaves taste the best, but older leaves can be used in cooking. It is also quite pretty with red vines and purple berries.
Nancy, when (and how) do you start your Malabar Spinach?
I faintly remember posting to a thread about Malabar in a prior year ... memory is not what it once was.

I watched the following process an was in awe. An expert at my local GC starts hers about now in a 4 inch pot on a heat pad. covered, with a second cover and in an indoor greenhouse that was within the main indoor greenhouse. It was very warm in there, which she said was necessary.

The gc later sells them in a 4 inch pot for fir 6 dollars for each seed/plant!

- Lisa
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