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Originally Posted by Zenbaas View Post
Great tip Worth. Seems obvious but that's always the case with good ideas.
I just want to add the ring is left off, there is no reason the leave it on.
As a matter of fact leaving the ring off will allow you to tell right off if things are going wrong inside the jar.
Pressure will pop the lid off from any bacteria growth that may start.
I like to keep a clean shop rag in an air tight jar with the mineral oil in it just for these things.
The reason for the air tight jar is to prohibit any spontaneous combustion that may take place with an oil soaked rag.
Mineral oil comes in many forms from baby oil, oil for honing stones to a laxative in the drug section of your store.
It is flavorless and odorless except for the baby oil.

I dont know how much you or other people here may or may not know so I tend to give too much information at times.
But at least it is there.

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