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I've got ten tomatoes and peppers that are WAY too big for their solo cups and I'm starting to get them into their final homes. Most of these will live on my south-facing porch and be carried inside at night until June. Some will probably go into Walls O'Water in the garden. I wish I had a GH! Most of my "main" garden plants are still really tiny and just under lights. Some haven't been started yet. It's usually not safe until early June around here... we're still in the 20s at night. I'll post some more pics in a week or two though!

I love seeing the photos, it makes me smile and think of the glorious possibilities of SUMMER... warmth, sunshine and lots of tomatoes!

By the way, for those that haven't seen Craig's Dense Planting Method, check out his thread. It was a revelation to me for sure:

Here's some of what I've got going:

Zluta Kytice (new to me this year):
Attachment 47920

Dwarf Desert Star F5:
Attachment 47921

Shishi and Urfa peppers:
Attachment 47918

My first bloom (almost) of 2015, goes to Utyonok:
Attachment 47919
I thought Nevada was hot at this tome of the year. Am I wrong?
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