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I actually grew the purple jalapenos from my local seed library a long time ago, and they were smaller than the size of my thumb. I don't remember the taste but they were thick walled.

You can always throw two jalapenos in the chil., I'm not sure why size is important in a pepper, except for challenge or stuffing. They look nice in the grocery, but in my backyard other qualities are more important. Disease resistance, production, ripening, BER (don't remember having this on a hot pepper).

I'm not exactly a fan of very hot peppers, so not looking for that. I mostly brine them in a jar and infrequently have them on a burger. I find the checkering is also an indication that the peppers are drying out, which is not really the big juicy plump slice that I prefer.

There must be other qualities that the breeders intended to select for in non-checkered hybrids. apparently preference plays a big role here. Anyone have this info handy?

I'd prefer to grow from seed over winging it with Lowe's Bonnie selections for $4. I want to grow two plants and keep disease far away.
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