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I think the entire thread brings everyone on this board down. I am very sad to see Nya's rants but even more sad to see all the acknowledge of it. We do not have to meet that type of ignorance with the same vitriol. It sounds like a young man who drank too much beer. I have seen many a young sailor rant against what they at the moment perceived as injustice, only to regret it sober. There has been way too much injustice in this world whether it is the treatment of the Indians, the Armenians, women, ect ect ect ect. I am on this site for the magnificent tomatoes, the ways to grow them, the ways and efforts to make better tomatoes, not a young mans rant. I have probably had several foolish rants too, not about the same subjects. I have also had Indians and blacks tell me that they were just waiting for something to happen to go on a white killing spree. I took it with a grain of salt and went on. Please be the lofty tomato people I assumed everyone one here was. I do not look at pictures so have no idea of ethnicity, just good tomatoes. I do look at tomato pictures.
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