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I know more about the nasturtiums and marigolds, not petunias, so I am addressing those two plants.

Definitely don't plant them in the ground until the soil has warmed, but I think that you can repot, harden off, and then leave outside on warmer days and even on warm nights.

I agree with Hatgirl that nasturtiums and marigolds are pretty tough, but I think that nasturtiums are the tougher of the two during cooler weather.

I also agree with Hatgirl that the aquarium is a good idea but you also have to be careful that the plants don't get too hot.

It sound like you are prepared to be schlepping the plants around to accommodate the weather, so another option is to put them in portable planters, if you have planters that you can move around, transplant, harden them off and then keep them outside, and only bring them in on cooler nights and days.

The nasturtiums will probably respond well to being potted up, and will probably start blooming for you in a few weeks.

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