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The first winter storm-like conditions are here for us in north central Texas - it is raining with a mix freezing rain right now. The temperature is just above freezing, but dropping fast. It will soon turn to sleet, and then a dusting of snow - maybe an inch. The local schools have already been cancelled and my wife and son probably won't go to work tomorrow as the high temp is below freezing tomorrow. Our other son went to work an hour ago - he got there just fine, but coming home tomorrow at 8am might not be so easy?

It is better to be safe than sorry or worse. A lot of new and even seasoned drivers here have no clue as to how to drive on icy roads. I've had my share of driving on icy roads for this part of the country.

This winter weather event is nothing in comparison to countless others we have experienced here, and nothing like what you all up north experience every year. Yet, there will be some who will get hurt or lose their life here tonight.
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