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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Thermidrome and the other ones derived from Drôme garlic is one of the more productive garlics, shelf life is not fantastic I would say, but good. Taste is standard, good for cooking, ok for fresh eating.
One can eat the garlic pretty much anytime, starting when immature, before the cloves are formed, eaten whole like a spring onion. Then when the skins on the cloves are starting to form, it' not really suitable for eating, but afterwards when the cloves are big enough it's again good (like normal garlic, not the whole plant). While it's still not fully grown it will be more watery and milder (much milder), but it usually has a superior flavour to cured garlic.
When you say skins starting to form, I think my ones are at that stage now maybe.

I have been inspecting one of them every couple of days and when I move the soil with my finders I can see an extremely thin layer over the bulb that rips very easily. I would describe it as a skin but im not sure. I really need to research more about Garlic
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