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Thanks Mischka for the valuable information about Tomatillos. This is my first year growing them. I remember as a child, Tomatillo plants in my grandmother's backyard.

What varieties are people growing? This year, I am growing Merida Market Tomatillo. Here is the description from Sandhill Preservation.

"Smaller fruits, but a nice purple color. More dependable yielder than Purple. For some reason the husk worms bother these less".

Has anyone tried growing tomatillos in containers? Any suggestion for containers size?

I have never seen tomatillos staked. I will definitely give staking a shot. Anything to minimize hard work

How many plants should I grow? It is just my husband and I. I know many people that always grow an extra plant to freeze the tomatillo fruits. My grandmother, usually boils the tomatillos, purees them (once cooled) and puts them in freezer bags.
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