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I got this very helpful answer to a question from Harris Seeds Customer Service:
"With a continuous set variety you will get 2-3 very good picks and the next 2-3 will decrease in volume. These varieties will continue to set new pods if they are kept picked. They do not need to be harvested at an immature stage. A concentrated set variety sets all of their pods at once and they are developed for a once over harvest. They will not set continuously if they are harvested at an immature stage."
I'm going to read between the lines as it relates to what I think are varieties which don't fit neatly into the category of Continuous Set or Concentrated Set. I'm guessing that a number of varieties that are advertised as requiring successive planting to extend the harvest may fit this inbetween category.
Some of the varieties that indicate successive planting may truly be Concentrated Set.
I'm am growing 2 varieties this season (Cassidy and Pike) which I'm guessing I will get 2 or maybe 3 picks from. But it will give me an opportunity to pick frequently immature beans on a couple of short rows to see if it makes any difference for these particular varieties.
Varieties which I have grown which defiantly fit in the Continuous Set category are Jade II, Espada and Crockett. I have to say I like Crockett. It does better than others in my challenging Fall environment, has excellent disease resistance and tastes good too. Espada seems to preform better than others in my better Spring environment.

I've had similar experience as Worth in that Bush Snap beans work better for me than Pole Snap beans. I have grown many varieties of snap poles and most don't work well for me. This season I am planting only Rattlesnake Snap Poles. They grow and produce when others don't. They have big strings but they grow and taste good.

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