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Originally Posted by KarenO View Post
for northern gardens, in general you will get a bigger harvest from bush beans, pole beans being too late for ongoing harvests in a 120 day frost free season. provider is a great one for a northern garden because it will germinate in cooler soil but there are many others that do very well. For freezing, canning or pickling, many gardeners prefer bush beans for a more concentrated harvest. keeping bush beans picked and not allowing a maturity of pods that have fully formed seeds does extend the harvest to some extent (a couple weeks at least) in my experience.
for home gardeners, succession planting will also extend the harvest perhaps better than trying to find a variety that fruits over a longer period because disease might take the longer fruiting plants down, especially if they are stressed by fruit production, heat etc.
Also from the Northern perspective--I found Burpee's blue lake bush beans were very prolific all summer and fall.
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