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Spinosad works best for me. Know that you'll have to use it at least twice in 7 days, probably 3 times in 15 days is better. That will wipe out your population. They will be back though. Yellow sticky traps are a good thing because they trap some thrips, but also they give you a good idea as to how big your population is. If you just see 3 or 4, you are in good shape!

They cause 2 main problems that make treating them a worthwhile endeavor: one, they are a vector for TSVW and if you get that, you may see it spread quickly if you aren't treating thrips as they take it from plant to plant. Two, a heavy infestation will destroy the pollen in the blossoms and your otherwise healthy looking plant will see the blossoms turn brown, then fall off, never producing.
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