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Default First Signs of Ripening

I doubt that we will be eating tomatoes from the garden before the end of the year, but maybe one or two will be ready the first week in January.

Gold Nugget. These ones are bigger than the Gold Nugget fruit we got last year:

Sweet Raisin. I have not grown these before. I think the fruit should be red when ripe, but this one is looking fairly yellow right now:

I would have thought that my Stupice should be close to ripening. I have a few quite large fruit, but a couple of the biggest have dropped off their stems while quite green. Dunno what is going on there. Perhaps the dog collided with them.

I have a few Senshyu onions planted. I'm interested in these since a buddy told me that some might grow maybe six inches in diameter. The one in the picture is probably about four inches across:

Happy New Year and best wishes from New Zealand. Coote.
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