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Originally Posted by cythaenopsis View Post
In the spring, I'd gotten a small bag of chive seeds from a gardener friend. I've got a good hefty crop of chives already going, but I wanted to try growing them from seeds for the first time to see what it's like.

The sprouts took a while to come up, but they did and they're doing pretty well. I've read it takes about 18-24 months before chive seedlings mature. So... that has me wondering about something.

The chive seedlings are growing REALLY long. They flop over and get tangled up with one another, because of the breeze through the window. Should I clip them back a little, so that the leaves can stand tall more easily?
I cut my chives back several times per season. I think the fresh growth (ie thinner shoots) taste better than the "mature" thick ones.
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