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St Pete will be great in March if that works out only one and a half hours away!!!
Been seeding tons of tomato's and telling everyone we know about this event.

I noticed in our last storm(DEBBY) all my beefsteaks were huge and getting ripe but then rotted from the inside out just as they were getting ripe.
all my current varieties and cherries stayed firm,got ripe,and had wonderful flavor.
Rose-was beautiful 1# and a little more tomato's,turned pinkish and then just as getting fully ripe ,every one of them after all that rain rotten in the inside,outsides very firm but as soon as you cut into them,rotten!!!BUMMER!
To be fair to my tomato's we got 17.4 inches of rain in 5 days from that storm here.
But for sure,in the heat,cherries ,plums and current types do the best here in plant city area for us.
This fall/winter season I will once again try my beefsteak and giant varities.
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