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Default Your top winter squash varieties, and why?

Now this year I brought in 25 spag. squash on our pumpkins we got 5 nice big ones and 2 smaller ones. Everything else was a let down.

I want squash with high production, good tasting and not much over 100 days. I think that's my problem with butternut is that they are 110 and it's just too long.

My 2017 list:
Spag Squash (2 mounds)
Buttercup (try it again)
Georgia Candy Roaster (I heard good things)
Dutch Crookneck Squash (to see how it produces compared to butternut)
Field pumpkins for the kids

I have 11 mounds within the garden, which I tend to plant with 3 plants. Was also thinking of putting some out in our field as why not?
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