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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
??? News to me so I spent the past 30 minutes on Google trying to find anything on this subject and only turned up this.
I support all vets, but this did not strike me as odd behavior from a seed saver's point of view. Maybe you are referring to something else?
The owner and head vampire of this forum brought it up here years ago.
Something like ((playing solder)) or war comes to mind referring to the war in Iraq and our children was said by this person that runs the seed place.
You see to me it isn't political as far as war it is the fact regardless of the reason these young men and women go to war I will always be behind them 200%.
Be it patriotism or poverty forcing them into a war I will be behind them, I have their back.
For someone to insult them and say (play solder) is reprehensible.
I can also forgive and I gave that person a chance right here on Tomatoville to do it personally to me.
He chose not to.
If he did it today or any day to me not a blanket apology but to me publicly I would forgive and forget and be done with it and never bring it up again.
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