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Ken B
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This year's is coming up this next weekend (Fri Sept 23rd-Sun Sept 25th). Our tomatoes are holding up pretty well (we wait til early June to plant out most of our tomatoes, so that they'll still be in decent shape for Sept. festivals). So lots of tomatoes, good amount of peppers, and a few melons.

I won't make it myself -- keep hoping to make it to one of these, but doing the Heritage Harvest Festival earlier in the month is always a ton of work, and then I always end up having too much work afterwards out in the fields and in the office to catch up on...

(Not a tomato tasting, but -- if anyone's going to Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Sustainable Agriculture Conference -- I'll be at that one if anyone wants to say hi! That's Nov 4-6 in Durham, NC --
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