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Originally Posted by 4season View Post
On the web some info is good some is snake oil. My soil is so alkali if vinegar is poured on it, it foams. Washed all ash out of some charcoal from the woodstove and soaked it in vinegar until it was slightly acidic then soaked in fish emulsion and mixed with compost. There seemed to be no change in production from the bed it was used on last year. I still have hope for 2015.
The stuff needs to age for at least a year and you see critters in it before you put it in the garden.
Then it needs to have 1000 year old pot shards mixed in with it made by people we dont even know how they were.
The best information I have on it is from a book called 1491 about pre Columbian history.
No snake oil.
If you have good soil it isn't going to make it that much better it is for improving bad soil.
One thing to remember is the reason they call potash what they do is because it was derived from burning potted plants.

Did Someone Mention Food????

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