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Originally Posted by NoahYates View Post
I have some neptune's harvest fish and seaweed blend that I was going to use in conjunction with the seastart foliar spray and a few drenches of light AACT (with only my homemade worm castings and molasses) until they are ready to transplant. It is at this point I was planning to introduce synthetics along with continued applications of worm tea... From what I gather it appears I can use an extremely dilute solution of miracle gro tomato fertilizer AND culture probiotic microorganisms!? If I used the 18-18-21 recommended at 1tbsp/gal @ 1/8 strength (2mL/gal) the ratios at 1.25-1.25-2.6 would be low enough not to interfere with colonization. Perhaps I will skip the 10-10-10.
Hi Noah,
It looks like a good plan to me. That level of ferts should work well with most microorganisms. The worm casting should help boost the N (Nitrogen) slightly.

I have read well over a hundred articles on mycorrhizae and besides keeping the available P (Phosphate) low, the N (Nitrogen) should be somewhat higher because the seedling and young plants will need this to help form a productive relationship with the mycorrhizae.
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