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Originally Posted by disneynut1977 View Post
Hi Dan
Since we are coming into my summer time, most I will put out into my garden beds. I will keep back 1 of each cross and put them in nursery standard 2 gallon pots, I think technically those are 1.66 gallon? I want to see what they will do for me being indoors. Thankfully, I have tons of sun at this window, so I'm positive those will do just as good as the inground ones, maybe just a little smaller, because they will be limited from the pot size.

I wish I hadn't culled as much though and kept 10 plants of each cross. I know 6 is good, but I keep thinking what if I culled that 1 perfect winner.

Other than the 2 rogue indeterminates, all the leaves types were right on except for the cross, 11xf3x1 pl. I got an even mix of rl and pl, I kept going with the pl though and it looks like 1 of those may be a micro compared to the siblings.

Half of the cross 14xf3x1 rl also seem to be noticeably shorter.

I check the trays each morning when rotating for equal sun exposure hoping for the start of flower clusters.
There was a tremendous amount of variability in the growth habit of the F2s of most of the crosses. I don't know how quickly that variability stabilizes. It will be interesting to see the F3s.

i'd be happy to send you more seed of these or others anytime you want.
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