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I had to transplant mine into larger pots, one per variety. The cups and small pots just didn't hold enough soil to keep them from drying out. It is getting hot enough here that if they dried out in the middle of the day, they would die. So I put all plants of each variety in my large planters. They are probably near 5 gallon size. There are 9 of one variety, 4 of another, 5 of another, and 6 of the last. The pots with 4, 5, and 6 I might leave together, unless they get too crowded. Any that get too crowded, along with the pot with 9 plants, will get transplanted to their own 1 gallon pot. The groupings are marked, I know which cross is which, I just don't remember which is which right now. You might be able to read the plant labels in the pictures. Every plant is doing well!
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