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Default Banana Pepper Catsup

Here is how I do it.

2 parts sweet yellow banana peppers
2 parts sweet yellow tomatoes or sweet ripe tomitillos
1 part crushed Pineapple
1 part mandarin oranges
1/2 part sweet onion
1/4 part sugar/honey or to taste
1 single green cayenne pepper per quart or to taste
fresh Tarragon to taste
fresh mint to taste
dash of cinnamon to taste

Use a blender on high to blend it smoothy consistency.
Slow cook the mixture several hours and reduce until it resembles a thick apple sauce.
Use a funnel to fill a catsup type bottle.
Cap and refrigerate.

There are very few sweet sauces I like, but this one works! Dipping chicken nuggets, glaze on a Thanksgiving ham, just like tomato catsup on any sandwich or hot dog, like Bar B Q sauce in baked beans or on the grill, in Chinese recipes instead of sweet n sour sauce. You name it.

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