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I have super winds often and a long season with huge plants and still outgrow cage/extenders. I use T-Posts for every plant so don't bury the cage legs which adds more height.

I have a bunch of Burpee's large cages and was burying the 18" legs and the wind was still having them badly tilted.

The T-Posts (Homedepot) work well and stack easily - I only take them out if a hurricane is coming our way.

I've always put my cages on the outside of the grow bag. Most of the legs are inside the earthbox but let a few hang out too. Last year, I tried not putting the legs inside a couple of the earthboxes - that was a mistake when the super winds come through.

I manually water and usually just once a day but my season is reversed and when it is still hot in the fall, the plants are small. When it is brutally hot in the summer, I'm already done for the season.

One thing I did when it was hot was cover the bottom of the earthbox so the sun wouldn't beat down on it keeping the reservoir cool. I thought it made a huge difference.
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