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I hate the plant warranty concept.
But I guess the argument is that you give away something that has some kind of monetary value that gives you a temporary loss with the hopes that they are kept happy so they continue to buy from you in the future.
The cost to acquire a new customer might be higher than the cost of the free plant to keep an existing customer.
As biological/science minded people, we think using that brain and list all variables that went into the plant dying that were beyond our control, and think: why should I replace that? Plus we are taking their word for it on why they say it died.
But, using the reasons above, you might want to just replace it and move on with the hope they turn their frown upside down and keep buying from you for the next decade or more.
Where this gets tricky is when you go from replacing a tomato in a 1801 pot, and someone wants 15 azaleas in 3 gallon pots replaced.
I had no guarantees stated at my garden center back in the day. Told people that if they asked when shopping. We told them that we guarantee that the plant is good when you check out or we wouldn't let you leave with it.
However, when cases came in, I used judgement and circumstances to make a call.
Lady buys 20 1 gallon arborvitae and one dies, I'd replace it or give her credit for something else. A guy brings one fruit tree back dead and still in the original pot 2 weeks after buying it -sorry, we don't gaurantee it once you take it home and it is out of our care.

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