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I have never taken a plant back but I have given some feedback as I did yesterday to a seller (not grower) where I bought a plant that has signs of virus this year. It had been pot grown and no other plants in my yard have this virus. The one I had grown from seed, also pot grown, no virus. Just thought the seller ought to know.

Otherwise, as a customer, I feel it is luck of the draw, win some, lose some.

Sheesh! I had someone complain to me this week about the free tomato plants I gave them that they killed. They said mine looked better than the store bought when they were planted in the ground but several died. I hate hearing that. I showed his wife my container grown plants that look great and then my neighbour's in-ground plants that also look great and sent her home to hubby with that eyeful.

There is no guaranteeing a gardener's skill.
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