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Could be a few possibilities so hard to pinpoint. The issue may have started the day before potting up
since you just did that yesterday. So not necessarily the cause is 'because' or after potting up.
Too dry or too wet when potting up...since it is important to water after that process. Always a stress
day or three after potting up.
Too dry, too wet, often look similar.
City water, water softeners, even well water can need balancing. (i have to by-pass my home water
softener, then i have town water to deal with...) I fill jugs, then let it rest at least 24hours. Lid off.
I can see the top fresh soil is starting to wick. I would hold off with watering and let them settle.

If the potting up root mass was small and not pot bound, they need the time to settle in and root out.
That takes much longer for the soil to dry out so it stays wet relying on evaporation...a fan will help.

Don't worry about the top applied soil being dry if under soil is wet.

Similar is a small seedling in a big pot stays wet too long. A big plant in a small pot drys out much faster,
almost daily. Both scenarios will show the same leaf tip drying.

*i have both happening now but my fault. I know the issue. Both trays have similar symptoms. One is
cell tray root-bound being 'insurance' plants i don't really need. The other, smaller seedlings, was left out in
a rain shower without drainage so sat in water near 36 hours. (oversight being another less needed tray)
Did not notice the tray had a solid bottom as i also use trays with drainage.
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