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Originally Posted by hovermother22 View Post
I am also getting some leaf curl on a few of the plants I transplanted into six-inch pots about a month ago, just on the very bottom stem. I hope they aren't diseased. And I'm puzzled why when I water from the bottom, some of the plants look very dry on top, and others appear damp. Am I over-watering or under-watering?
Depending on odds, how many plants you have potted up, no doubt a few may have
slightly more compact soil, or some varieties that grow a bit slower have a less root
mass and just drink less. Massive roots will dry out faster and take a minute or too
to fill up as the roots suck it up. Variables to be expected.
Some of my seedlings dry out faster and seem to be similar size so i just check
individually and let them sit in an outside watering tray, then move back into my trays
when they feel heavy.
If one is so dry it is about to droop i will top water a bit to help saturation.

Some do not like any contact with the container edge so i pinch those off. Like most potato
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