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Default Jang TD-1 seeder?


Does anyone have / or ever used the TD-1 model of Jang push seeders? I have the Jang JP-1, bought it several years ago when the price was a lot less than it is now. The JP-1 works OK for smaller seeds, but it doesn't handle large seeds, ie sweet corn and beans.

The TD-1 is supposed to handle these and other large seeds, but at almost $700 it could be a pricey experiment. There's not much on the web about them, so I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has used them.

I have a 3 point Cole planter that I use behind my small garden tractor, but the way I have my gardens laid out it's kind of cumbersome to use. A push seeder would meet my needs for the foreseeable future. My plan is to sell the Cole and by the Jang, IF I can get some feedback on it.

Thanks for any information you can offer ,

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