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Your climate is actually much warmer than mine despite the Zone 6 listing. FOr the first time we had a frozen pipe, just enough to stop water flow to kitchen sink. Defrosted before problematic. Genreally we are cold, 20-40 all winter, sometimes less, sometimes more. The ground stays frozen...except for this year!! Last weeek was very warm, then a quick ice storm, then very warm again. Wet soils will be a problem IMO despite the early spring.

Other planting information is that soil should be 50 degrees. ANd some varieties are more tolerant than others for the potatoes. Your varieties might be different than the recommend for my area, so I wont bother listing some of the varieites.

ANd location, location, location. Beds are drier, or bags.

Maine is the 2nd largest acerage in potato production; Maine Potato Lady has good information IMO

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