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Thanks, Worth, but I don't think it'll be necessary. My little okra forest is still well under control. I really like this variety.

In my garden, all the beans are on the way! I will be able to begin picking Romano within a few days. This is a great bush bean for July-October here. It gets a little rust but isn't too bothered by it. I have another planting that's just popping up now and that should finish up the fall for my green beans.

Pods are just beginning to form on my Henderson's Dwarf butter beans. The black bean aphids love these things. I sprayed insecticidal soap this evening. Buds are forming on my White Acre peas. This is one I look forward to every summer. I cannot find these here frozen or canned or dried, not anywhere. Once in a while my farm stand will have them shelled fresh, but it's pretty much a case of just having to grow them myself if I want them. They are an excellent variety.

Picked all my big tomatoes for the meantime (all indeterminate varieties). I have a lot of new green fruit setting but all I can pick right now are my Sugar Lump cherries and the Gleckler's Yellow Cherry. I have to say, that GYC is a machine, taking over my entire tomato bed. I've cut it back hard twice and still it is smothering everything else in that bed. It tastes good and I like the size of the fruit but I won't grow it again. Out of control, like a crazy teenager!

Though it's early, I did plant a row of lettuce (All Year Round), a row of curly endive (Salad King) and a row of collards (Morris Heading). They are all sprouting. We'll see how they handle this heat. Not much room for anything else new now.

I am drowning in eggplant and pimentos and Anaheim chilies. Finally just started giving those away by the bagful.

Hope things are going well for the rest of you. Please keep us updated as we transition from summer to fall veggies.
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