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Ken B
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If we're energetic about it, we might do one last sowing of bush snap beans in our high tunnel yet, but we'll need to do that soon!

We've been planting out brassica transplants the last few weeks (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) and making seedbeds of collards, lettuce, and other greens to transplant out later.

Our tractor's been down for repairs, that's been slowing down our fall garden prep, the area we want to plant needs one more discing yet to finish killing off the weeds before we dig raised beds. It's probably going to be too late to get a carrot crop in -- especially with how this is looking to be another mild August this year -- maybe we'll plant a little bit "in case," but mostly we'll focus on rutabagas, beets, turnips, radishes, etc. for root crops and get a lot of greens planted.

For anyone who gets to Monticello's Heritage Harvest Festival in September -- I give a talk there every year on fall/winter gardening -- here's a link to the handout I give out -- -- goes into a lot of details about timing based on what does well for us here in Louisa County -- you can look at our frost dates and adjust the planting dates to sync up with your own frost dates!
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